Fun and games together with your dog. An exciting and activating game for you and your dog Dog Fighter: the dog is to look for dog snacks by moving blocks in four different directions, the block can only be lifted up at the end of each track, underneath each block there is a hollow where snacks can be hidden... Tip: you can vary the game by using more than oneblock in the same track... If the the dog wants to throw him/herself on the game and hit hard with its paw, then teach it to work with the nose. One suggestion is to put the Dog Fighter on a stool which is adapted to the size of the dog. Make it more difficult... ... To make the game harder, use for example big Dog Smart blocks or a rolled-up piece of cloth orpaper to lock in place in the rounded part of the track, and which the dog has to remove in order to get to the Dog Fighter block. You can vary the game by using more than one block in the same track The Idea ... ... with Dog Fighter is, of course, that you and your dog will have a fun andenjoyable time together. You demonstrate. The dog watches, listens and learns. Together you have fun ! To Remember... ...Do not let the dog bite the Dog Fighter. Play with it together with the dog. Do not leave the dog without attention. The dog must not play with or chew the blocks.

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