A Tricky Challenge for Active Dogs Put small dog snacks or dry food in the passages. Let the dog move the blocks and thereby also move the snacks with its paw or nose against the side, where the snack can fall out through different holes. The blocks can not be lifted. Ingenious, tricky and fun. DogTurbo can and should be made a little easier in the beginning by placing the sweet close to the holes at the sides with the block behind. Thedog then only needs to use its paw or nose to get the block moving in the right direction to get the sweet out through the holes at the sides. If the dog only wants to lick or try to get the sweet up, put your hand over it. When it stops, say paw and try to get the dog to work with its paw instead of its mouth. Praise the dog when it starts to do things right. Make it more difficult... ... . place the blocks in the round circle in the middle with the snacks in the passages. Now the dog has to work to get the blocks out into the passages towards the edges so that the snacks fall through the holes. Note: Do not use snacks that are too big. The next challenge for your dog is to place all the blocks to one side of the DogTurbo and the snacks on the other side. The dog now has to work the blocks out of the circle and then further towards the edge on the other side, to get the snacks out. Something very tricky for the dog is when the blocks are placed as far out tothe sides of the passages as possible, right next to the holes on both sides and then putting the snackts in front of them (towards the middle). This means that the dog has to work the snack towards the middle and then out intoa free passage in order to get hold of it. The Idea... ... withDog Turbot is to have a pleasant and rewarding time together with your dog.You show how to play, your dog watches, listens and learns and you both have fun together! Your dog will enjoy these moments and look forward each time to playing. To Remember... Do not let the dog bite the Dog Turbo or chew the blocks. Play with it together with the dog. Do not leave the dog without attention.

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