"Throw into the box" a rewarding game for dogs. An amusing game fordogs to be played together with their master or mistress, a game that develops the dogs intelligence and puzzle-solving skills. The dog is to learn toput toy blocks into a box with holes on top. The game has three degrees of difficulty. When the dog succeeds in getting the block into the hole, treatsis falling out. Place several treats piled upon each other on the rubber edging on top of the sloping board of the box. See to it that the treats can fall down, try out the way that is best for the treat you use before letting the dog try. Start by placing a block (or a ball) a bit away from thehole of the upper board in order to achieve that the dog is going to push the toy block deliberately into the hole so that the treat will fall out. If the dog tries to strike with the paw or tries to put in his nose in order to take the treat, just put your hand over the hole and point at the toy brick. Now place the toy block on the floor in front of the toy - use the command "Fetch" or whatever command you prefer to use and lead the dog's attention with a movement of your hand to the hole and say "Let go" or asimilar command. If the dog misses the hole - that happens quite often in the beginning, put a small treat in front of the toy as a reward that the doglet go the toy block so near the hole. Make it more difficult... ...When the dog has understood how the DogBox works (it may happen that it take quite some time - so have patience) the upper board can be replaced with one of the other two boards, with a higher degree of difficulty, in the bottom of the DogBox, you can also hide the blocks and let the dog seek for it before put the block into the box. The Idea... ... with Dog Box is to have a pleasant and rewarding time together with your dog. You showhow to play, your dog watches, listens and learns and you both have fun together! Your dog will enjoy these moments and look forward each time to playing To Remember... ...Do not let the dog bite the Dog Box or chew the blocks. Play with it together with the dog. Do not leave the dog without attention.

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